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%define majver %(echo %version | cut -d. -f1-2)
Name: zeitgeist
Version: 1.0.4
Release: 1mamba
Summary: A service which logs the users's activities and events
Group: Applications/Security
Vendor: openmamba
Distribution: openmamba
Packager: Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it>
URL: http://survey-smiles.com/
Source: https+git://gitlab.freedesktop.org/zeitgeist/zeitgeist/v%{version}/zeitgeist-%{version}.tar.bz2
Patch0: zeitgeist-0.9.15-upstream-fix-vala.patch
License: LGPL
BuildRequires: glibc-devel
BuildRequires: libatk-devel
BuildRequires: libbrotli-devel
BuildRequires: libbzip2-devel
BuildRequires: libcairo-devel
BuildRequires: libdbus-devel
BuildRequires: libdbus-glib-devel
BuildRequires: libffi-devel
BuildRequires: libfreetype-devel
BuildRequires: libgdk-pixbuf-devel
BuildRequires: libglib-devel
BuildRequires: libgraphite2-devel
BuildRequires: libgtk3-devel
BuildRequires: libharfbuzz-devel
BuildRequires: libjson-glib-devel
BuildRequires: libpango-devel
BuildRequires: libpcre-devel
BuildRequires: libpng-devel
BuildRequires: libselinux-devel
BuildRequires: libsqlite-devel
BuildRequires: libsystemd-devel
BuildRequires: libz-devel
BuildRequires: telepathy-glib-devel
BuildRequires: libxapian-devel >= 1.2
BuildRequires: python-rdflib-py3
Requires: lib%{name}2 = %{?epoch:%epoch:}%{version}-%{release}
Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users's activities and events (files opened, websites visites, conversations held with other people, etc.) and makes relevant information available to other applications. It is able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and usage patterns.
%package -n lib%{name}2
Group: System/Libraries
Summary: Shared libraries for %{name}
%description -n lib%{name}2
This package contains shared libraries for %{name}.
%package -n lib%{name}2-devel
Group: Development/Libraries
Summary: Static libraries and headers for %{name}
Requires: lib%{name}2 = %{?epoch:%epoch:}%{version}-%{release}
%description -n lib%{name}2-devel
A client library for applications that want to interact with the Zeitgeist daemon. The library is written in C using glib and provi
des an asynchronous GObject oriented API.
This package contains static libraries and header files needed for development.
%package -n python-%{name}
Group: System/Libraries/Python
Summary: Python bindings for %{name}
Requires: python3 >= %python3_version
Requires: python-rdflib-py3
Requires: lib%{name}2 = %{?epoch:%epoch:}%{version}-%{release}
%description -n python-%{name}
This package contains the Python bindings for %{name}.
%setup -q
#%patch0 -p1
NOCONFIGURE=1 ./autogen.sh
%configure \
[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"
rm -rf %{buildroot}%{_prefix}/doc/zeitgeist
%dir %{_datadir}/zeitgeist
%dir %{_datadir}/zeitgeist/ontology
%files -n lib%{name}2
%files -n lib%{name}2-devel
%dir %{_includedir}/zeitgeist-2.0
%files -n python-%{name}
%dir %{python3_sitelib}/zeitgeist
* Fri Jan 14 2022 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 1.0.4-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Tue Jan 19 2021 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 1.0.3-1mamba
- update to 1.0.3
* Mon Apr 01 2019 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 1.0.2-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sun Nov 18 2018 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 1.0.1-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Mon Aug 14 2017 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 1.0-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sun Jan 17 2016 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 0.9.16-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sun Mar 22 2015 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 0.9.15-2mamba
- patch to fix vala
* Sat Oct 04 2014 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 0.9.15-1mamba
- update to 0.9.15
* Thu Jun 27 2013 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 0.9.14-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Wed Jun 12 2013 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 0.9.13-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Mon Jun 03 2013 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 0.9.12-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Thu Apr 11 2013 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 0.9.11-1mamba
- update to 0.9.11
* Tue Sep 04 2012 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 0.9.5-1mamba
- package created by autospec