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Name: flex
Epoch: 1
Version: 2.6.4
Release: 6mamba
Summary: A tool for creating scanners (loxical pattern recognizers)
Group: Development/Tools
Vendor: openmamba
Distribution: openmamba
Packager: Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it>
URL: https://github.com/westes/flex
Source: https://github.com/westes/flex.git/v%{version}/flex-%{version}.tar.bz2
Patch1: flex-2.6.4-glibc-2.26.patch
License: BSD
BuildRequires: glibc-devel
BuildRequires: bash
BuildRequires: texinfo
%if "%{stage1}" != "1"
BuildRequires: indent >= 2.2.9
BuildRequires: help2man >= 1.33.1
The flex program generates scanners.
Scanners are programs which can recognize lexical patterns in text.
Flex takes pairs of regular expressions and C code as input and generates a C source file as output.
The output file is compiled and linked with a library to produce an executable.
The executable searches through its input for occurrences of the regular expressions.
When a match is found, it executes the corresponding C code.
Flex was designed to work with both Yacc and Bison, and is used by many programs as part of their build process.
You should install flex if you are going to use your system for application development.
%package -n libfl
Group: System/Libraries
Summary: Flex shared library
%description -n libfl
This package contains shared libraries for %{name}.
%package -n libfl-devel
Group: Development/Libraries
Summary: Development files for %{name}
Requires: libfl = %{?epoch:%epoch:}%{version}-%{release}
%description -n libfl-devel
This package contains libraries and header files for developing applications that use %{name}.
%setup -q
%patch 1 -p1
%if "%{_host}" != "%{_build}"
sed -i "/#define malloc rpl_malloc/d" config.h
sed -i "/#define realloc rpl_realloc/d" config.h
[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"
ln -s flex %{buildroot}/%{_bindir}/lex
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/info/dir
%find_lang %{name}
[ "%{buildroot}" != / ] && rm -rf "%{buildroot}"
%install_info %{name}.info
%uninstall_info %{name}.info
exit 0
%files -f %{name}.lang
%files -n libfl
%files -n libfl-devel
%dir %{_datadir}/doc/flex
* Thu Apr 18 2024 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.4-6mamba
- remove conflicting info dir file
* Wed Apr 17 2024 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.4-5mamba
- URL updated (closes #1)
* Fri Nov 27 2020 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.4-4mamba
- rebuilt with debug package
* Tue Nov 28 2017 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.4-3mamba
- patched to fix segfault with glibc 2.26
* Wed Oct 18 2017 Davide Madrisan <davide.madrisan@gmail.com> 2.6.4-2mamba
- rebuild for removing the linker dependency to libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.26)
* Mon Oct 16 2017 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.4-1mamba
- update to 2.6.4
* Sat Dec 17 2016 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.1-1mamba
- downgrade to 2.6.1, 2.6.2 is too buggy, bump epoch
* Sat Oct 29 2016 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 2.6.2-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sat Jun 04 2016 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.1-1mamba
- update to 2.6.1
* Sat Dec 26 2015 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.6.0-2mamba
- added upstream patch to fix a cxx-style comment in c code compiler warning
* Sat Nov 21 2015 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 2.6.0-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Thu Mar 27 2014 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 2.5.39-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sat Feb 15 2014 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 2.5.38-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sat Aug 04 2012 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 2.5.37-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Sun Jul 22 2012 Automatic Build System <autodist@mambasoft.it> 2.5.36-1mamba
- automatic version update by autodist
* Wed Feb 27 2008 Aleph0 <aleph0@openmamba.org> 2.5.35-1mamba
- update to 2.5.35
* Mon Dec 17 2007 Aleph0 <aleph0@openmamba.org> 2.5.34-1mamba
- update to 2.5.34
* Wed Sep 19 2007 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.5.33-1mamba
- update to 2.5.33
* Mon Mar 13 2006 Davide Madrisan <davide.madrisan@qilinux.it> 2.5.33-6qilnx
- security update for CVE-2006-0459 (qibug#139)
* Mon Nov 28 2005 Davide Madrisan <davide.madrisan@qilinux.it> 2.5.31-5qilnx
- added lex, symlink to flex
* Mon Sep 26 2005 Stefano Cotta Ramusino <stefano.cotta@qilinux.it> 2.5.31-4qilnx
- specfile updated
* Fri Nov 19 2004 Davide Madrisan <davide.madrisan@qilinux.it> 2.5.31-3qilnx
- fixed the error "`yytext_ptr' undeclared ..."
* Wed Mar 31 2004 Silvan Calarco <silvan.calarco@mambasoft.it> 2.5.31-2qilnx
- added a patch that fixes some compatibility issues with 2.5.4a
* Thu Feb 12 2004 Davide Madrisan <davide.madrisan@qilinux.it> 2.5.31-1qilnx
- specfile updated
- rebuilt with flex 2.5.31
* Mon Apr 14 2003 Alessandro Ramazzina <alessandro.ramazzina@qinet.it> 2.5.4a-1qilnx
- creation of flex package